A Simpler Way to Listen to Music
Boombox is the easiest way to listen to music in your Discord server. Simply invite it to your server and start listening!

Boombox Discord Bot

The Boombox Discord Bot is a completely free and open source Discord Bot that can play music from YouTube and Spotify.
Open Source
Boombox is Open Source meaning you can help us make the bot better.
Easy Set Up
Simply invite Boombox to your server and you can immediately starting listening with your friends.
Play from multiple sources
Boombox let's you play from Soundcloud, Vimeo, Spotify, YouTube or any MP3 link.
Super Fast
Boombox runs on the latest tech ensuring great uptime and no interruptions to your music.
Need a second bot?
Become a Patron for only $3 per month and get access to a patron only Boombox, which runs on separate servers to the main bot so that it performs better. When you become a patron you will also get other cool perks.